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The Most Complete Learning System For College and Career Preparation

Level Up Learning consists of weekly lessons with a qualified instructor in a group setting. Instructors take kids age 7-18 years old on a complete journey into the world of coding and technology. This carefully designed curriculum and teaching method is designed to future-proof students, give them a head start, and build the skills and confidence they need to pursue a journey into technology in their future.

Jumpstart your child's career & ensure future success
by helping them master the technical skills they need.

Skill-Building Opportunities

Programming involves teamwork, critical thinking, task ownership, and learning to efficiently solve complex problems.

In-Demand Technologies

We teach the programming languages powering smartphones, robotics, virtual reality, video games, and more

Self paced learning

Students can enroll at any time and will advance at their own pace. There's no waiting for other students to catch up.



Our signature coding Learning Management System (LMS) serves as the fastest and most rewarding way for your child to learn coding.

The Way of a Hero is a unique and satisfying immersive program for children aged 7-18. The convenience and attentiveness you love about drop-in programs is combined with the extensive coding curriculum of Level UP Kids.

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  1. Pick your monthly plan.
  2. Set up call with a Level UP Enrollment Manager to discuss your needs and goals. Book your class sessions.
  3. Begin sessions with a Level Up instructor with a schedule that meets your needs.
  4. Complete your coursework and earn badges.

Starter Plan

1 Hour per week
$ 129 per month
  • Students receive 1 hour of in class group instruction each week
  • Students complete 1 course at a time

On-line Plan

2 Hours per week
$ 219 per month
  • Students receive 1 hour of on-line one-on-one instruction each week
  • Students receive an additional hour of online access to our Learning Management System (LMS) for independent at home study
  • Students Complete 1 course at a time

Full Stack Plan

4 Hours per week
$ 279 per month
  • Students receive 1 hour of in class group instruction each week
  • Students receive an additional 3 hours of online access to our LMS for independent at home study
  • 150 Courses, 40 levels, 550 Challenges
  • 1 Free week of Camp with a 10 month contract

3 Month minimum contract.  30 day notice required to cancel your membership.

Some happy users

My son took his first Minecraft class at Level UP and loved it. Coding is now by far his favourite activity. Owen is a fantastic instructor and I highly recommend him.
My 12-year-old looks forward to these classes every week. This has been a bright spot while we adjust to our new normals. She had no prior coding experience, and can be known to get ... distracted ... but she really focuses on the class. And I don't need to do anything which is great for everyone involved lol. There was no set up on our end, all we need is Chrome. The instructor has been so kind, too. It is cool for my kidlet to find a new interest, and cool for me to see 🙂


We are a coding academy for children ages 7-18. We provide a great curriculum, along with tools, mentorship, and other resources based around computer science for a quality educational experience. The experience at Level UP is fun, engaging, and thorough. Providing a fantastic learning environment that our students love and feel comfortable in is a big focus!

Level UP Learning is our long-term skill development system designed to provide students with the academic, technical and professional skills required for the 21st Century.

We are the only STEM business focused on preparing kids for future careers. 
Year-round programs, summer camps, and learning labs, prepare students for: College, internships and careers in: Programming, Game Development, Design and Robotics.

Our classes are:

Teacher-Led. We think that the teacher matters the most. Therefore we work with experienced education professionals.
Project Based. Code is a means of creative expression. We empower students to build projects that are important to them.
Team Work. Kids Learn better together. We encourage students to work together during lessons and after sessions.

Enrolling in Level Up is much different than a typical, adult-style computer science education or an online course. Kids don’t like lectures and the idea of going to another school after school can sound boring. Instead, our students learn computer science through playing. We give them real projects to tackle, such as building the same games they’ve played before, while learning coding principles along the way. Students develop games, play them, and then share their masterpieces with each other. Additional topics, such as virtual reality contribute to a more diverse skill set. The result is a fun, collaborative learning environment unique to a traditional coding school.

Computer science is a very desirable field and can be a road for career success to those on the pursuit of learning how to build new digital products. Some of the most popular jobs today did not exist 10-15 years ago, and majority of them require in-depth technology literacy. Even if your child decides later down the road that they don’t wan’t to have anything to do with software development, they will still enjoy the benefit of skills that learning to code provide – Logic, Problem-solving, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and many other important skills.

Public School computer education is a good start, but even though they also offer classes such as math and PE, parents still use help of tutors to have their children learn math and enroll in team sports. School gives the bare minimum, while developing a solid skill such as coding takes time, practice, consistency and effort outside of class. We offer the opportunity to make that happen.

You’re likely opposed to screen time because it’s seen as useless and purely a form of entertainment. That’s understandable. Screen time at Level Up is productive, where students use technology to develop technical expertise, amongst other skills such as teamwork, problem solving, and more. Kids are truly enjoying and taking pride in their work, while learning valuable skills they aren’t getting anywhere else. We’re contributing to your child adopting better habits through building new games and apps, which will set them up for success down the road.

Our programs are designed for children ages 7-18.

No! Our courses are designed to help students of all skill levels. Students are able to learn at their own pace, and follow their custom learning path.

No experience is required to be enrolled at Level Up. We accommodate all types of students and experience levels.

As many as you like! We have flexible programs to accommodate the needs of almost every family. Kids can attend as little as once a week and see good progress through our drop-in program. Additionally, we have  memberships for multiple days per week, if you’d like to fully immerse your child in learning to code. Browse our programs for more information.

No, Level UP provides all of the equipment your child will need. 

If your child prefers to work on their own laptop they are able to bring them in if they meet the requirements.

  1. Initial Assessment: Assess Student’s Interest and Skill Levels
  2. Customized Learning Path Curiosity and desire to achieve motivate learners.
  3. Sign UP and get started
  4. Project-Based Learning-Learn To Code
  5. Students complete projects, courses, and challenges.
  6. Review Session
  7. Re-Evaluate
  8. Level UP

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