At Level UP Learning Centers we focus on Three things

Happy Parents.

Parents love Level UP because it provides a real academic advantage for their children, creating a long-lasting improvement in their outlook, confidence and academic performance

Happy Kids

Kids love Level UP because we let them interact with technology in a fun, hands-on environment that feels just like playing with friends. We empower students to build projects that are important to them so that they stay engaged.

Real Skills

We engage students in enrichment Career Technical Education designed to provide students with the academic, technical and professional skills required for the 21st Century

Career Technical Education

Professional Tools and Languages

Level Up students learn professional languages such as Python, JavaScript, and Java while using the same tools used at companies like Google, Facebook, and Intel..

Career Technical Education

Build Real Games and Apps

Make professional grade games and software using cutting edge technology.

Career Technical Education

Helpful Mentors

Our friendly teachers will help your child achieve their goals. Learning new languages can be challenging. When your child needs encouragement, our teachers will be there.

Career Technical Education

Future Innovation Starts Here

Make Something Extraordinary with Level UP Learning. Our award-winning courses for ages 8 and up teach real 21st century Career Technical Education skills .

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